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Moral Monster | Evil and the existence of God? | Episode 3

February 17, 2023 Luke Taylor
Wildfire podcast
Moral Monster | Evil and the existence of God? | Episode 3
Show Notes

How can we understand evil in the backdrop of the existence of God?

Does evil disprove God? How should we understand evil? Where did it originate from?

All this and more in this video as we continue our series, Moral Monster.

0:00 - Intro
1:16 - Would this effect my salvation if these accusations were true?
3:20 - Supernaturalism shows the totality of reality
6:27 - Oblivious pressupositiontlism 
10:11 - Origination of evil
17:02 - The events don’t dictate God, God dictates the events
14:39 - Creation does not hold creator accountable 
14:46 - Creation does not hold creator accountable
18:23 - God is good

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Over the limits



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